Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Supporting Your Breastfeeding Journey

Classes and Visits (In-home or remote)

Having supported new families with lactation education and hands-on help for over 25 years, I am happy to help you navigate the unpredictable waters of the art of breastfeeding. 

Classes will discuss anatomy and the basics of getting started, then move into how to overcome the big hurdles of positioning and latching in order to have a comfortable and rewarding experience. 

Virtual or in-person lactation support is confidential, at a time convenient for you. I will patiently listen to your concerns, and share evidence based, tried and true measures to help you succeed and find personal satisfaction with breastfeeding.  

Call, text or email to schedule a class or consultation:, (619) 721-6762

Father and Son

Newborn Care Classes

From diaper changes and bathing, to tummy time and feeding schedules, the nuances of newborn care can seem overwhelming in the early days. With a Newborn Care Class, we break the ice and prepare you for what to expect when baby gets here. These are private classes, scheduled at your convenience. Please email for more information:,

or call Catrice at (619) 721-6762