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Childbirth Education Classes

  • These are conducted in the privacy of your home at a date and time convenient for you; or in a small group setting at a Houston area birth center. 
  • The private class is typically held over the course of two or three days due to the in-depth content. The group class is typically scheduled for two days.

Breastfeeding Support
  • Lactation 101 class - Introduction to the physiology behind breastfeeding, answers to why breastfeeding is so important, how to prevent common problems, and what to expect now, as well as once your baby is born. 
  •  Postpartum breastfeeding visit - Hands-on breastfeeding help in the privacy of your home. (please note, rates for breastfeeding support vary depending on distance and nature of the visit)

Labor and Birth Doula Care

  • Private childbirth education 
  •  Assistance writing your birth plan
  •  On-call support for the duration of your pregnancy
  •  Practical guidance and support when labor induction seems imminent
  •  Constant care during labor and delivery - home, hospital or birth center
  •  Postpartum lactation support 

Postpartum Doula Care
  • Educational resource to new families
  • Sibling adjustment
  • Support with infant feeding and care
  • Postpartum adjustment and transition for the new mom

Postpartum Recovery Care 

  • Belly Binding
  • Placenta Encapsulation
  • Herbal Consultations 

Teen Pregnancy Support
Given the unique and sensitive needs of young mothers-to-be, classes and labor & birth support packages are designed on an individual basis. 
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