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Client Testimonials

We met Catrice as our childbirthing instructor and were considering hiring a doula. My initial plan was to have an epidural but, after going through the pro's and con's with Catrice and my husband, we decided (as a team) that I would try to go natural as far and long as possible. From the beginning, Catrice was great in visiting us for our prenatal consultations. Throughout the number of twists and turns in my pregnancy, during which we thought we might need a c-section due to medical issues, Catrice was there supporting me and helping us make the best out of the situation. Fortunately, I did not need a c-section at the end but needed to be induced with pitocin. With Catrice's help, I managed to get through the labor without pain assistance even though the pitocin-induced contractions were quite strong! Through understanding the principles of releasing endorphins from my hynobirthing class to Catrice's calming support (she helped me breathe/relax through the contractions and provided aromatherapy and massage), by the time I thought I might need an epidural, I was already in my final hour of labor! Also, I was fortunate enough to have a short active labor of approx. 6 hours. I attribute this to Catrice's advice to eat lots of dates during the third trimester. Ultimately, I would not have been able to get through a natural birth without Catrice's help. I am so thankful that we were able to do this and for her support. Given all the breastfeeding issues I had encountered postpartum (due to baby's tongue tie), I could not imagine having had a birth with even more medical intervention, as that would probably have meant even more breastfeeding issues. I am very happy and proud of my birth experience and couldn't recommend a better doula. - Anneka Wenzhu

Catrice is absolutely wonderful. She has a calming and peaceful presence that is ideal for the entire pregnancy and the birthing process. My husband and I decided to have Catrice support us for our first pregnancy. She spent a lot of time with us from the very beginning to get to know us to make sure we were well prepared, informed, and educated. It was a huge comfort knowing that Catrice is able to monitor mom's vitals and the baby's heartrate to watch for any warning signs during the labor since we wanted to labor at home as much as possible before going to the hospital. My pregnancy resulted in an emergency c-section due to the baby flipping into a breech position during labor and with a foot coming out. Catrice walked us through the measures needed for us to safely get ourselves to the hospital and she contacted the hospital so that there was a team of doctors, nurses, and staff ready to meet us at the parking valet. She stayed with my husband the entire time I was in surgery and was there when I woke up from anesthesia. Catrice was an amazing support to me after the delivery as well. She made home visits to ensure latching was going well and has plenty of tips and tricks to help mom and baby latch properly. She is also very responsive to all my new mom questions and is able to help me filter through a lot of old-wives-tales. Catrice is a wonderful person and was an incredible support to our family during this chapter of our lives. She has made a place in our hearts and provided me with so much support and comfort before, during, and after the birth of our little girl. - Mina and Brad McPhee

We have so many good things to say about Catrice, we don’t know where to start. From the beginning, I told her I had felt as if God put her in our path to be our Doula. My husband and I first met her as a lactation consultant; and we both agreed that she definitely has some sort of special gift. Her voice and overall personality was so nice and calming, she brought peace to the entire room as soon as she started speaking. I knew right there I would be lucky to have her as our Doula, and I was right. To begin with, my husband and I had a really bad experience with our doctor. We both felt as if we were being “pushed” into having a c-section for no reason, which I think felt even worse for someone who dreamed of having a 100% natural birth. Long story short, at week 37 we made the final decision to follow our instincts and either find a different doctor, or show up at any other hospital to give birth to our first-born son. My husband and I left the clinic after one of our last appointments, and decided never to go back. I remember leaving almost to the point of tears, and the first thing we did was call Catrice. She knew of my desire of having an un-medicated natural birth, and suggested giving birth at a birthing center. BEST SUGGESTION EVER. I did not think anybody would take us that late, but she called midwives right after we hung up, and 1 hour later we had a birthing center to give birth at! I truly believe things went as wonderful as they did thanks to her. I am so grateful she helped me through the birth of our beautiful baby boy. She was so wonderful and supportive, helping me through the entire process! Either through massages, kind and thoughtful words and messages, wiping my forehead, holding my hand, or simply by staying next to me, she really made things feel a LOT easier. I truly thank God for putting Catrice in our pathway. At the end, I ended up having the birth I had so much wished for! And now, more than being my Doula, Catrice became a true friend to me. Also, she did not only help me with the birth of our son, she also helped me not to give up on breastfeeding. I had a breast reduction surgery years ago, and was unsure if I would be able to breastfeed. Catrice gave me the support I needed to hang in there! She visited us a few times after my baby’s birth to help me with the latching and positioning of our baby, making breastfeeding a lot easier. It’s been almost two months since my baby was born, and we are going strong with the breastfeeding! My baby is being exclusively breastfed since he was born, even though I went back to work 2 weeks ago. Catrice gave me lots of tips that made breastfeeding and pumping a lot easier for me ☺ I will always be thankful for everything she did for me and our family :)

- Fabiola and Shalin Mehta


My husband and I wanted a natural a birth as possible with our first born. We received a lot of advice from others who said we should go with all the typical procedures and drugs administered in the hospital. Despite that, we remained strong and came across Catrice. We spoke with her at length about the pregnancy and childbirth processes, and she became a wonderful supporter. On the morning I started true labor (3 weeks early), Catrice was engaged in another appointment. But Catrice walked me through all the paces over the phone and quickly came over to my house. She helped me with labor immensely, including making sure I was relaxed, breathing correctly, and staying hydrated. She gave me comforting massages that helped so much with each contraction. She worked with me in the car ride to the hospital and stayed with us the entire time in the labor and delivery room until well after our daughter was born. Catrice worked her magic seamlessly without disrupting what the doctors and nurses were doing. Unlike the reputation some doulas and midwives have, Catrice was in no way pushy or aggressive. She was so pleasant with everyone. She made sure I was in the optimal positions for a normal delivery. I can't put into words how comforting and knowledgeable Catrice was throughout the entire process, and she was such a positive part of my experience. I would recommend Catrice to anyone considering have a helping hand during pregnancy and birth. We cannot thank her enough. Catrice, you are the best! We can't wait for our daughter to get a little older so she can hang out with you and we tell her our story of her birth. =)

- Suzanne Qureshi


We highly recommend Catrice as a Doula. She helped us greatly. In fact, without her expertise the birth of our child wouldn't be that natural. She created a positive relaxing atmosphere during labour, yet was proactive and knew exactly what to do when things were stalling. Thanks to Catrice we avoided c-section and were able to have a natural unmedicated birth. We are also thankful for her support and help after birth. Catrice, Thank you, thank you, thank you

- Katya and Joe Chandler

We initially were not thinking to hire a doula, but as 1st-time parents wanting a natural childbirth at the hospital, we decided we needed the additional support. We did some research, interviewing 3 doulas and checked pricing. In the end, we decided on Catrice and it was the best decision we could've made! My husband and I both strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. We really believe that God brought us together and He had us meet Catrice during our very last class at the Women's hospital so that she could help us bring our son into this world!

Without going into all the details of our son's birth...Catrice met us 2x prior to our due date. She normally meets more often, but we were close to our due date and we had already taken all the classes offered at the hospital. She was always available for questions and was VERY responsive by text and e-mail. Once I started early labor, one day before my due date, we contacted Catrice and she directed us on what do to. She kept in touch with us all day and checked on me. She came to our home later that evening once labor had progressed. Catrice has a very calm and pleasant personality and also has a very soothing voice. She supported me through each contraction. She was also able to check the baby's heart rate after my water had finally broken, so that we wouldn't want to rush to the hospital in a panic. Once the contractions were close enough and the pressure wasn't letting up, we went to the hospital and I was 9.5cm dilated! I had to push for three more hours after that, but Catrice was there coaching me and helping us try different positions. She also visited us on our 2nd day in the hospital and again a few days after we came home from the hospital. She helped to make sure he was latching properly and address all my questions. Long after that, she was still very helpful and responsive by text and email. It's evident that she loves what she does. We would definitely ask for her help again! - Diana Le