Baby's Best Start 

   ~ For the Love of Babies ~ Before, During and After Birth

Childbirth and Breastfeeding Classes 

 Family Centered Childbirth - approximately 6 hours               - $180

This 2-part class is offered in the privacy of your own home.  Learn how to recognize stages of labor, positions for labor and birth, and how to have an easier birth. Better understand comfort options (medicinal and natural), and complete a birth plan if that is your desire. 

Breastfeeding - Beyond the Basics - approximately 2-hours

- $110

Also offered in the privacy of your home - have questions answered regarding breastfeeding - why is it difficult for some, and what makes it best for mom and baby? What can you do to be successful? 

 ***** New Online Childbirth Class!!! *****

This interactive class will help you prepare for, and feel well informed on topics ranging from late pregnancy symptoms to laboring and birthing on the big day. What are the pros and cons of medical pain relief? Is natural birth for me, and how can I achieve that? What happens after the baby is born, and what might recovery look like? 

Attend at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, and with your labor support team learning with you!  

Cost of class is $125 for 60-day online access


- Unlimited email communication with a certified childbirth educator

- One hour video chat or phone call with the educator to answer questions after your class

- Additional printable handouts to help facilitate conversations with caregivers and support team

- Personalized Birth Plan based on your wishes and goals 

- Basic nutrition plan for low risk pregnancy 

Register and pay for online class through "Buy Now" button below.  Class access will be sent via email within one hour of registration request. 

Call Catrice, or email (link to the right) if you have questions. 

(619) 721-6762.

Thank you!