Baby's Best Start 

   ~ For the Love of Babies ~ Before, During and After Birth

Mother of two, Catrice started on this career path by helping new moms and families with lactation support in 1992.  She faced very real challenges and soon learned that information and support were not readily available, and if moms “gave up” on nursing their babies, it was thought to be ok.  Not many people advocated for the benefits and joys of breastfeeding.  After accomplishing over 1200 hours of practical lactation support training with the University of Texas Health Science Center WIC Project in Houston, she decided to branch out and help breastfeeding moms in private homes, as well as clinical settings.  

Spurred on to support as many new families as possible, she began partnering with Pediatricians and Obstetricians at several hospitals in the Houston area.

Through a network of dedicated women and health care providers Catrice began teaching childbirth education classes in 2003.  These included group classes using the Lamaze method, as well as classes for an adoption agency to both the birth moms and adopting parents. 

As a member of ICEA and DONA since 2009, she has been able to bring this commitment full circle by supporting mothers in labor as a Birth Doula.  She finds great joy in partnering with others in the community to advocate for natural birth initiatives and believes all women can achieve success in natural childbirth and breastfeeding with love and support. 

Catrice's work currently includes supporting families as a Community Educator at a local Houston hospital.

After seeing the joys and benefits first hand with her two daughters, there is no job that she would rather do than continue to pay forward this gift of supporting families during this time of new beginnings!

Yasmin Dera has had the privilege of offering birth and afterbirth services for ten years in the capacity of birth and after birth doula. She is currently offering childbirth education, restorative afterbirth therapy, and lactation support in the greater Houston area. As a certified doula, Dera has made it her personal intention to share information and support women on their journey as mothers, empowering them from pre-conception to parenting.

Dera is a Certified Lactation Counselor(CLC), providing lactation support at an area hospital. She is also a certified Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster and placenta encapsulation specialist. As a Mother Roaster, Dera offers sacred belly binds, herbal sitz baths, hot stone abdominal press and vaginal “yoni” steams, moxibustion, tinctures, balms and salves, among other ceremonial after birth closing services.

She has attended birth worker trainings with Supported Birth, International Center for Traditional Childbearing (ICTC), Sacred Postpartum, The Baby Guru and Dera is also a certified Family Planning Instructor and BodyWorks Family Health and Nutrition Facilitator via the Office of Women’s Health. She continues to take advantage of further training and educational opportunities through various organizations in order to offer the most current and best practices in sharing birth and after birth options with growing families. 

To book with Yasmin, or to inquire more about her services, she can be reached at or call 424.645.1913

Working with families has been so very rewarding in my nursing career. I have been a nurse at a local Houston area hospital taking care of women and children for over 7 years. I enjoy teaching and sharing the knowledge I have learned through the years. I think it is important to teach the family as a whole, to center in on the most important care they can give their new addition. 

My husband and I have two small children. We have a little girl and a little boy. They have brought so much joy to our lives and being able to experience having children has helped me even more to be able to help other families. Raising children comes with many emotions and I enjoy being someone that families can talk to and express their feelings and concerns to. 

In my career, I have also had the opportunity to support women with breastfeeding, helping with facilitating a new mom’s lactation support group, as well as providing in-patient breastfeeding support in the hospital. I am also CPR certified and NRP certified.

I am excited about the future, and am committed to continuing my education to learn more for my families! - Michelle Dimicelli-Russo

To book with Michelle or to inquire more about her postpartum doula services, please email or call:, (832) 493-2086